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Them Ornery Mitchum Boys

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell February 9th, 2012
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At a garage sale,  I bought this book, “Them Ornery Mitchum Boys” written by Bob Mitchum’s younger brother, John. It was a treasure trove of 50’s to 80’s Hollywood especially the nitty gritty of the Mitchum clan.

5 Responses to “Them Ornery Mitchum Boys”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love the that photos on the cover are of Robert Mitchum. Unless John and Robert were identical twins.

    Pretty rare in those days to have a family member write a book about a celebrity.

    Nice that you have it autographed.

  2. Allee Willis

    From Bob:

    This was a fascinating book to read, a real insight to Hollywood of
    the 50’s to 80’s. I think brother Jim was an actor also. According to
    the frontispiece, John was in 800 TV shows and 80 movies, the only man
    to write a record album for John Wayne and many other facts about the
    family. One more interesting fact was that the family was adopted by a
    British Officer after their father died.

  3. BRBill

    I’ve got the Robert Mitchum album “Calypso Is Like So…”, a reissued on cd disk originally put out during the 1950s Calypso craze. Seems Bob used to go down to Trinidad and hang out, come back with bawdy calypsos and entertain the Hollywood types with the songs. It’s a good rekkid too. I got the Maya Angelou calypso record the same day. Seems she was a singer in the 50s before going on to become Poet Laureate of the US back in the 90s, another good record…..then again, i like me some calypso…