Marching Band in front of Christmas Present Painted Dry Cleaners

Submitted by Markydoodle February 14th, 2012
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Yes, those are pink and white diagonal stripes.  Just before  Christmas about 1970,  the local dry cleaners in my hometown had their building painted like that and put a big red bow on the top.  The business next door to the right was The Odd Fellows Hall.

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  1. Mark Milligan

    I regret that the stripes are so hard to see.

    I think it is me at the bottom left. Mom took the picture, and I found it in some of her things recently, so it must be. I was in essence the guide for the whole band I guess in that parade, because everyone was to look right (guide right they called it) and front.

    Surprised we didn’t end up marching down a corn row.