Norman Mailer

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell February 14th, 2012
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I got this book at a local thrift shop and noticed it had been autographed by the author.  I have read every book by Mailer. This book looked like a real departure from his other books. I also have a letter from Mailer. When I read my first book by him (The Naked and the Dead), I noticed it was dedicated to “William Raney”. My brother in law was named William Raney and  was all through the Pacific War so  I wrote him a letter. I had thought he was a war correspondent only to find out he was never a war correspondent! William Raney was a friend who was  also his editor. The letter I got from Mailer was longer than I expected and handrwritten.

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    • Bob Ramsdell

      Allee. Yes I have the letter that is handwritten. The envelope is handwritten also. BTW the stamp is 29 cents. If you would like a scanned copy I will send it to you. I have a lot of letyters from famous people. John Glenn, Bob Dole, and others
      Bob Ramsdell, Albany OR