Uncle O’Grimacey Ring

Submitted by Nessa February 17th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

The time of the Shamrock Shake is almost upon us, and I thought I would share this piece of Shamrock Shake memorabilia from my childhood.

In the 1980s, McDonald’s gave “Grimace” a green uncle from Ireland named “Uncle O’Grimacey.”  He brought the magical green-minty ooze to McDonaldland known as the Shamrock Shake.  I figure I got this ring with a Shamrock Shake as a kiddo, but I’m not sure.  It features Uncle O’Grimacey himself.  It still fits!  Anyway, I was nuts about the things back then, but I can’t stand them now, plus they have about a million calories.  The ring is pretty cool, though.  Also, I heard that this year the Shamrock Shake is going nationwide for the first time in history, instead of being in just certain regional locations.

One Response to “Uncle O’Grimacey Ring”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not familiar with Uncle O’Grimacey but I would have loved a green shake. I will now look for Grimacey at the 3000 McDonald’s throughout LA to see if he’s booked at any of them this St. Patrick’s Day.

    Is the ring plastic or made of that puffy material?