BOD man!

Submitted by Douglas Wood February 20th, 2012
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

These three body sprays, made in Mexico, (screw those wimpy French colognes– if you want real “machismo,” head to Tijuana) come in three scents:  “Black,” “Really Ripped Abs,” and “Fresh Blue.”  Not sure I’ve fully grasped the concept here, but I’m pretty sure using the first two scents will make “the ladies” (at least ones with purple hair and dog collars, and blondes with hoop earrings and off-the-shoulder Flashdance sweatshirts) think I’m black and have really ripped abs.

But what does Fresh Blue evoke?  Hot Smurfs?  The guy in Avatar?  The Indigo girls?

15 Responses to “BOD man!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m giving this a Camembert because of everything that doesn’t make sense here in addition to the insane concept for this product. I seriously want to know what Black smells like. And how does a guy with the red Really Ripped Abs smell different than the guy who splashes on the blue bottle which I’m assuming is called something like merely Ripped Abs?

    The graphics kill me too.

    The $5 price tag is the cherry on the smelly cake.

    • Douglas Wood

      Yes, this is from Big Lots– how did you know? I’ve actually never been inside a Big Lots myself – I won this last weekend in a Grab Bag at my Bad Movie Night Club. (There are six members including myself and my wife and we’ve been doing this since 1985.)

        • Douglas Wood

          I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m in your hood.

          We watched BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES which was great. Featured a young Dick Sargent (Darin #2) and believe it or not, the woman who played the iconic waitress years later in FIVE EASY PIECES– the one Jack Nicholson tells to put the chicken salad sandwich between her legs. My guess is you’ve probably seen this.

          Also saw MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS, a stupendously awful direct-to-video that was actually made in 2009– starring Deborah (no longer “Debbie”) Gibson and Lorenzo “what-happened-to-my-career” Lamas.

  2. samseptic

    His neck is bigger than his waist. I actually used to have one of these….SAME graphics, different name. Not BODman…that’s a much better name. I recall it had a suggestive name, like Thrust or somesuch, but I can’t remember exactly. Maybe 5-6 years ago,