Color and Picture Vinyl

Submitted by Michael Ely February 25th, 2012
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I collect record albums (a little from every music genre from rock to old school singers to exotica to film score and musicals). CDs and music downloads are okay, but they just don’t have that warm sound that you get when you place a needle onto vinyl. Here is part of my color and picture disc collection. Probably my all time favorite color vinyl is from My Fair Lady (a gorgeous lilac).

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  1. BRBill

    I still have a few colored vinyl rekkids in the house. Guess i should dig them out. I did go by a record dealers house in SF one time. He was into collecting picture vinyl like the Bowie and Porno For Pyros shown above. I think he had every picture disk available at the time, 1984. It was a quite impressive collection. The problem i’ve found with the colored vinyl is that there is a huge amount of surface noise when played back but they sure do look cool.