Tin Foil Lady

Submitted by shirlie williams March 10th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This is one of my favourite items, I found it many years ago in the bottom of a box of china. I think it dates from the 1930’s , its very small only 6cm by 9cm she is partially foil backed and the rest is painted, I cannot find anymore info about this technique and have never seen one like her before.

5 Responses to “Tin Foil Lady”

  1. Allee Willis

    Incredibly beautiful.

    It is some sort of special foil paper that is textured with those circular lines or were the lines etched on after the foil paper was glued on?

    Everything about it is truly spectacular. I’m going to guess that it’s even older than 1930s. I say 1910’s or 20s.

    When you say you found it at the bottom of a box of China, was it your box of China or at a flea market or store? If one of the latter, do you remember what you paid for it? A steal at any price!

    The foil is KILLING me!!

  2. shirlie williams

    Thanks guys, she is so tiny its difficult to see the detail, the paint over the top is very smooth so I’m guessing it was etched afterwards. I’ve seen foil pictures of crinoline ladies but nothing like this.

    I was at an auction about 25yrs ago bidding for a collection of Carlton Ware, I purchased about 20 pieces for $39 a fortune then , it was my rent money. …I still have the pieces, the lady picture was just in the bottom of the box, a wonderful find.