2 Responses to “Jetson’s Kitchen set?”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t know the name of this exact set but this style was exceptionally popular in the late chick peas and early 70s. There are a trillion variations on this, all of them fantastic. Usually the resin was clear but smoked gray, brown or orange were other variations.

    Not knowing the exact manufacturer’s name, you can search eBay for things like ‘Eames era table and chairs” or ‘Space Age table and chairs’ and something similar will pop up.

    I would also guess that the cushions are not original. I doubt that fabric ever would have been part of this set.

  2. hdegroof

    I did find out some more about it . Company name is Chromcraft . I can find several in the gray smoked lucite but none in this bronze . The seat cushions actually appear to be original and still have the original tags under them signed by Quality Control . I found this set at a roadside sale at an abandoned store in Childersburg Alabama .