Swinging 60s Dancing Kids Jewelry Box

Submitted by Mod Betty RetroRoadmap.com March 13th, 2012
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It is rare that I spend over my limit when out thrifting/antiquing, but when I saw this jewelry box years ago in — Fitchburg, MA -? – I knew I had to rescue it from the lousy junk place it was in. And considering my limit is pretty low, it was still probably a bargain according to other less thrifty people.

The “sateen” cover is a bit scuffed in places, so I try to take very good care of it, and it has become one of my fave kitschy possessions. One of the things that kind of charms me about this is how slightly awkward everyone is. The guy on the left totally looks like a prissy pants, the gal on the lefy appears to be floating on her one toe. That kid with the guitar thinks he’s a Beatle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that swinging dancer was inspired by Neely “It’s Impossible!” O’Hara.

I realize when I do buy things that I love containers – bags, jars, bowls, boxes – I’m sure Freud would have a field day with that. But this was made for jewelry, so I make sure that only the finest of gems are housed in this little box.

They fit right in!

4 Responses to “Swinging 60s Dancing Kids Jewelry Box”

  1. Allee Willis

    A fantastic find!! I’m sure the jewelry inside is aware of how cool their new home is.

    I too am wild about containers and storage of all types. That’s a big chunk of my collections.

    Not enough to say about the fantasticness of the art work. For all the reasons you state + they have an Americanized Japanese look, all look like they’re in sororities and
    fraternaties and the girl second-from-the-left has enormous feet.

    Need a closer look at some of that jewelry too.
    I used to hate that style of art. ought it was dorky and too commercial back in its day but I’ve. Aooreciated its magnificence as the years advanced.

  2. Mod Betty RetroRoadmap.com

    I meant to write this in the original description but the figures remind me of the anonymous “Rocking Out” people you often see painted around those Musik Express type rides in traveling carnivals or amusement parks. So awkward yet so cool!

    As far as the Jewels go, it’s all pretty generic – but I will share the slightly un_PC “Oriental” charm bracelet in there – I wear it when we go out to have Chinese food sometime :-)