Black Velvet Matador – 1960’s

Submitted by funkiernyou March 18th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This painting has been around my whole life! It was painted by my Dad in the early 60’s.

The story is that it was a paint by number (pretty cheesy huh?), but the numbers were so faded that he could not make them out. So, he painted it using his judgement. He also made the frame for the picture. I always thought it was pretty cool, hope you enjoy it too!

10 Responses to “Black Velvet Matador – 1960’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, that this was painted by your dad and you still have it is FANTASTIC!

    Second, though I myself stopped collecting black velvet matador paintings, one of the most prolific in the black velvet genre ever, I still think they’re classic. I stopped because I went to a bull fight and was horrified at what happened to the bull. But I still appreciate these as both fantastic 50’s-70’s kitsch artifacts and glowing examples of turning the common man into an artist.

    Really love the frame. By any chance did your dad make that too?

  2. funkiernyou

    Thank you for the Certifikitsch, what an honor!
    Yes, my Dad made the frame for this. He was quite handy with tools. He did some great wood work but was also an auto body and fender repairman….he owned his own shops in the S.F. East Bay Area.
    He passed on Memorial Day of 2010.
    Thanks again for posting this in your museum!

  3. elisha

    Hey!!! I am planning a velvet matador themed party for my 18th birthday. anyways long story short my sister started a coffee shop and named it the velvet matador and she hung this exact painting, same name on the bottom in her shop ( I am now working on a blown up replica for my party) and I stumbled upon this!!! WOW, SO I wanted you to know that the painting (though the coffee shop folded) is still being appreciated and loved. SInce I was really young my family held what we called velvet matador nights and we would sing songs read poetry and hang out once a week. This velvet matador painting was not used then but it was the replacement when the other one was damaged. The original frame on your dads painting is gone but I still have the original velvet canvas. If you would like a picture I would be glad to send you one .. ([email protected])

  4. elisha

    I now realized that this was a paint by number and it is not the same one. Woops, well anyways, that was fun thinking it was the same one :) my bad. sorry about that!!!