3 Responses to “I thought they were solar panels”

  1. Allee Willis

    OMG, that roof is killing me!!! I’m assuming this was a custom job and that it wasn’t a feature that was offered on every Bus. That whole back cab is completely brilliant. I would drive this in a quick minute.

    Robin’s Egg Blue was my #1 favorite color of construction paper when I was in grade school. As evidenced by the pavement around my house it has remained one of my top two favorite colors of all time. My high school, Mumford, is a city block long and had this color blue mixed into the limestone when it was built in 1949. Sadly, the wrecking ball hits it in 2 months. I trust that is not to be the fate of this VW Bus.

    I love the wheels. I usually hate when people paint their bumpers but the white looks really slick on this one. The eyelids on the headlights are incredible too. And I love how almost flat the steering wheel is.

  2. Mark Milligan

    One of my favorite vehicles, and never owned one. I think they came stock with painted bumpers in those days, VW was pretty austere with the adornments on their cars in the early 60’s.

    I didn’t realize they were going to raze Mumford’s building. Sorry to hear that!

    Those chrome hubcaps were engineered to hug the wheels so tightly, that they came with a little metal tool with prongs that would fit into two tiny holes on the edge of them to pry them off.

    Thanks for the award Allee!

  3. Nessa

    I’m in love, it makes me want to hit the open road! My friend when I was growing up had some hippie parents with an old broken down VW bus, and we used to play house in it all day long, because it had a couch and a stove. This one is amaaaazing, though.

    Allee, I’m sorry to hear about Mumford, what a sad fate for such a nice building. :(