BOY GEORGE “Live My Life” rare sheet music

Submitted by denny April 2nd, 2012
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I’ve never seen this particular edition of sheet music, I found this one some music blog run by a Boy George fan.  This is one of those Allee songs that we absolutely jammed to when it was released on promo cd single and vinyl.  Lots of dancing was done to this song.

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  1. denny

    This was a huge hit in the clubs. I remember dancing to this at “Kurts”, “Key West”, “Equus”. Many, many good times associated with this record. I used to own every format, from every country. Back in the day, that is how I used to collect records.

    So when I found out my friend wrote this, i was over the moon.

    “I tell you baby, this is no way to live
    Make sacrifies, til there’s nothing to give
    Everyone says there’s rules to obey
    I can’t follow when things never change
    Holding my chequebook, got a leak in the pipe
    Food on the table, but the landlord’s knocked twice
    I want more than the shit on my back
    I’ve worked too hard just to repeat the past
    Satisfaction can be hard to find
    I go crazy keeping it all inside
    Ain’t nobody’s business
    How I live my life
    I learnt my lesson
    Whether it’s wrong or right
    Ain’t nobody baby
    Gonna tell me how
    I should live my life
    Do it my way now
    The roof is leaking, stack of pillows on my bed
    No way to wake up, all the dreams in my head
    Phone doesn’t ring, got no man on the line
    Things could be better but I still feel fine
    Who can say what tomorrow will bring
    You give nothing, expecting everything”

    • Allee Willis

      Some wrong lyrics here:
      ‘Holding my chequebook’ should be ‘HOLE in my checkbook….’
      ‘I want more than the shit on my back’ – I want more than the SHIRT on my back
      ‘Stack of pillows on my bed’ – stack of BILLS on my bed
      ‘No way to wake up, all the dreams in my head’ – shouldn;t be a comma. Changes the meaning of the line. Same for ‘You give nothing, expecting everything”’

  2. denny

    In case anyone is interested, these are the versions that have been available at one time or another of the song “Live My Life”.

    The Mix, Soul Remix, 12 inch Kllub Remix, 12 inch Soul Remix, Klub Mix, 7 inch Version, Quake Dub, Percapella, Klub Dub, & the Business Mix with MC Cyndee.

  3. denny

    The “business mix” with MC Cyndee was only ever available on import 12 inch, it was a limited edition pressing.

    All other versions of “Live My Life” have been available on us promo cd singles, or commercially released 12 inch singles, or they have been available on import 12 inch pressings.

    Still one of my all-time favorite songs ever!