Hicksville Trailer Palace

Submitted by Michael Ely April 4th, 2012
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

Somewhere in California between Yucca City and Joshua Tree National Park off of a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere you’ll the Hicksville Trailer Palace (a trailer park and artist retreat). This past week my partner Spider and I drove there along with two other couples (Terry and Rex and Jessica and Craig) for a little three day getaway and we had fun. The trailers each had a name and theme. There was The Pioneer (where Spider and I stayed – Western theme with a mini wagon wheel table, fold down bunk beds and a mini fridge), The Lux (painted black trailer themed for the band The Cramps), The Fifi (decorated like the inside of a genie bottle with a swanky bar, lighted vanity, lavender kitchenette and a bevy of wigs), The Integratrailor (space alien themed), The Sweet (70’s themed complete with shag carpet), The Pony (complete with its own little corral), The Sideshow (a red caboose with a circus theme including a future teller machine and an animal cage bathroom) and The New World (a 40 foot 1950’s trailer). Also on the enclosed grounds is a small solar heated salt water pool (surrounded by an astroturf lawn), a doggie house and play area for dogs, a large teepee (with an inside fire pit) and a roof deck with a hot tub. Amenities include a barbecue and bistro area, a fire pit, table tennis, darts, archery, BB guns, horseshoes, vending and ice machines, a free outdoor jukebox (with a ton a cool music), free WiFi and a night sky full of stars. Plus, you have nearby Joshua Tree National Park (a surreal desert playground of rock formations and Joshua trees). This is a place where artists go to record music and edit film (they have a studio with everything you need), but it is open to anyone and everyone looking to have an adventure. We did! BTW, one of the Hicksville creators (Morgan) was inspired by his own favorite hotel The Madonna Inn.

8 Responses to “Hicksville Trailer Palace”

  1. Allee Willis

    So amazing that you posted this.Just a couple of months ago someone was telling me they had a trailer at this place for years. It was someone I knew really well so I was shocked to hear they had a trailer, let alone that any place like this existed. not to mention that several of the people in the room said they had trailers there and that I could go and rent any of a bunch of them. I put it in my file of places to go to and of course promptly forgot about it. But here it is again! I’m packing my car up now!!!

    You take great trips!

    • Michael Ely

      Thank you for the Camembert award, Allee. It’s always an honor to be honored by you.

      I thought you would like this place and you must go just for the sheer fun of it. It is very campy and kitschy….and you should definitely rent The Sideshow or The New World if yer looking for some room to move around in (as the other trailers are fun, but very tiny).

      Noticed I made a mistake in my opening line – should be – “you’ll find the Hicksville Trailer Palace.” God, I hate that I’m dyslexic! Oh well.

  2. k2dtw

    Great Post….LOVE!!!..
    What a fun/wonderful place, I see something new every time I view. I Love the black Flamingo Skeletons in the front yard of the Black/Lux trailer…so funny!!!

  3. shirlie williams

    Fab post Michael, love the pictures , I want to stay in the Fifi …sounds so exciting, I wish they had something like this in the UK….Get those cowboys curtains ..love them :)