Carhenge (Part II)

Submitted by Markydoodle May 30th, 2012
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As one travels towards South Dakota on County Road 59, north of Alliance, Nebraska, an oasis of gray-green iron rises from the table-top flat grassy plains of the Nebraska panhandle.  Carhenge.  I made my pilgrimage this Memorial weekend.

This is my obligatory special perspective artsy photo.

There is a special feel to the place, almost magical.   Carhenge is for sale.  I was so excited I even had a thumbs up on the hand that wasn’t being held thumb’s up for the picture.

Erin Garwin, a psychology major at Doane College across the state in Eastern Nebraska and (we assumed) summer break Carhenge worker, tells us the “Friends of Carhenge” (the foundation that owns the place) won’t consider any offers to sell the property if someone is going to move the cars to another location.  I respect that, it seems like the location is a perfect Vortex Meditation site for Gearheads.

Having a moment.

5 Responses to “Carhenge (Part II)”

  1. Mark Milligan

    Thank you Allee for the C d’C!

    I gave Erin in the canteen the info for the AWMOK so I hope she enjoys and comments!

  2. windupkitty

    Hahaahaha! Double thumbs up!!! Wow this is great…I wish the AWMOK had real museum funding so the QoK could snap up stuff like this! It belongs in the books of Willis Wonderland!

    • Allee Willis

      SO TRUE!!!! Don’t start me on the money thing… I’m dying to get up on stage and perform again but have to raise the coin to do it. With all the people who are now involved in the show there are a lot of mouths to feed! And yes, it’s a shame with allllllllllllll the records I’ve sold that I can’t just snap up Carhenge while I’m at it.

      • windupkitty

        Yeah, it’s a pretty heavily staffed show to just pack up and tour with, huh? But it’s also a damn good one…When I win the lottery…you know the rest! It’s so ridiculous, blasphemous and criminal that song writers so often don’t have the dough they deserve…