New AWMOK Member

Submitted by windupkitty May 30th, 2012
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This is Max. He was found last week wandering around the 7-11 parking lot yelling for help. Luckily a kind woman and her children scooped him up and then called rescue! He is currently tearing up my house and loving every minute of it! So nice to have a baby in the house again! A few minutes ago, he ambushed me while I was on the AWMOK and managed to type a few things so I consider him an official contributer. I was just trying to get photos of him too! Lucky break!

Typing with 4 hands is faster…

And so much more fun than that old cardboard box….

OOPS! Gotta go!! Birds outside the window to stalk and I gotta get them before Uncle Casper does!

Lion cub! :)

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