Catwagon Ashtray

Submitted by Nessa June 11th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

I bought this tiny little cat wagon ashtray at a sale for a few cents.  I wonder if it was part of a set since it has a 3 on it?  The cigarette can sit in the slot in the back though it doesn’t seem like a very functional ashtray.  Who puts a wagon on a cat?

I love his cheeky face.

The back is painted too.

I previously posted a dog with a wagon who I thought was a crayon holder.  But seeing this cat ashtray with a similar wagon, I think maybe the dog is for holding cigarettes instead.

I don’t know if they belong together or not, but they do kind of match and I think they are made for each other.  I wonder if there are more wagon-pullin’ critters out there?  The dog is unmarked, though the cat is marked “Made in Japan.”

5 Responses to “Catwagon Ashtray”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, the look on the dog’s face kills me! Second, I’m voting they’re both cigarette holders. Which is pretty twisted when you consider that they use little animals like this to support smoking.

    One thought on why the cat is numbered is that because it’s so small maybe it came with a whole set of cat cigarette holders and the number allowed you to identify whose butt was who’s.

  2. denny

    I love the cats painted nails too and that terribly cute and curious look on her/his face.

    Nessa, you have THE BEST ceramic collections!