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le Jardin de Gabriel

Submitted by shirlie williams July 27th, 2012
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I have never heard of this garden before, so I was beside myself with excitement when I saw a picture of it. It looks amazing. Its a garden that belonged to a Frenchman called Gabriel Albert, who when he retired  in 1967 took to making these sculptures, and it appears he did so for over 3 decades. The house in in a small hamlet near near St.Jean d’Angely in the French region of Charente-Maritime.

When he died ,he left the house to the local people and they now open it occasionally  to the public.

Some of the sculptures are people he knew ,famous people or just faces in magazines.

This one I find a little unnerving not sure I would want to stroll by on a dark evening !!

6 Responses to “le Jardin de Gabriel”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow! I wonder how many total there are?

    There was a motel in Burbank called Trapper John’s that was astounding. 52 hand carved family members and pets of the Trapper. But they mowed over it to expand the Burbank airport. Some of the statues were thankfully saved and are supposedly on the grounds of a local college, but this was one of my most favorite spots in LA before its demise. He hand built the motel and all details in it as well.

  2. shirlie williams

    Woweee I would love to have seen Trapper John’s place, amazing , why can they not be saved, I would have been beside myself with sheer joy if I had come across his statues.

  3. mike winer

    I love this – what a life passion.
    And Allee I think if I lived in LA we would have often bumped into each other at Trapper Johns