Where’d You Get that Car, Sears Roebuck?

Submitted by Markydoodle August 1st, 2012
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As a matter of fact they did in 1953.  In select Sears Roebuck stores in the southern and southeastern U.S., they sold 2,000 at about $1500.

Sold with a four or six-cylinder engine, they boasted 68 or 80 horsepower, and all had three-on-the-tree.  Actually manufactured by Kaiser Frazer, they look a little like a Henry J if you know what that is.

And the battery, tires, belts, and any part possible, was craftsman or sears brand.  Pretty remarkable that they sold 2,000 copies!  Allstate, of course, is the car insurance company.  Sears spun off Allstate, and Dennis Haysbert is their spokesman on the TV ads now.  “The Good Hands People.”

11 Responses to “Where’d You Get that Car, Sears Roebuck?”

  1. Allee Willis

    Totally in love with this car.

    Is the official name of the car the Allstate? Do you know how many are still around today?

    The front looks like a cross between early 50s Ford and Studebaker. The back I could marry.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Thank you for the C d’C!

    It ALWAYS make one’s day.

    I don’t know what the known count is today, but will snoop around a little and see now that you ask because it would be interesting to know.

    This is the only description of model I could find, and I’m still not sure it’s actually the name of the highline model:

    “Allstate’s Deluxe models had trunklids and dashboard gloveboxes, items found less often on Henry Js, though basic and standard Allstates lacked the opening trunk. The costlier Deluxe Six also had armrests and a horn ring that weren’t available on lesser versions even at extra cost.”

    It actually is the Kaiser Frazer “Henry J.” But of course more rare.

    Can you imagine walking into a department store and seeing cars? Oh that’s right the Petersen Auto Museum building was Orbach’s, so art imitates life again.

    Allee your comments give me a smile, but today I laughed out loud when you said the back you could marry. Thanks again.

    And hello to all of my AWMOK friends, I hope your summer is going well, and that you are all healthy and happy, and that you’re not eating at the shitass chicken places.

    • Allee Willis

      I was just about to respond to this last night when I read it but I was walking into CHARO’s to begin collaborating with her and Peitor Angell on a song. And now this morning woke up in just enough time to throw my clothes on and begin an insane day of meetings and editing and then racing out to the Griffith Park golf course where I’m in a show with 100 artist who painted 100 golf balls. All I can say quickly is that I sure wish I was in the Allstate Deluxe when I pulled into Charo’s driveway and would really love it to tow my little golf ball up the hill tonight.

      Thank you as always for all this excellent info.

      • Mark Milligan

        I would’ve loved to come see everybody’s balls.

        I know Mark B. has a jelly bean offering, and I saw yours and really loved the bowling theme.

        I love to hike in Griffith above the observatory up to Mount Hollywood.