Lunchbox collection

Submitted by ropo August 31st, 2012
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Some of my lunchbox collection…
Top row: workman’s dome, V, Space Shuttle Orbiter Enterprise, Astronaut dome, Lost in Space, Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Captain Astro.
2nd row: Hardy Boys, Six Million Dollar Man 1, Flying Nun, Menudo, Go-Go, BeeGees
3rd row: Welcome Back, Kotter, Partridge Family, Happy Days, Bobby Sherman, Disco, Disco Fever, Brave Eagle thermos
4th row: Davy Crockett, Wild Bill Hickock & Jingles, Dr Dolittle thermos, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans thermos, Monkees, Donny & Marie, (Six Million Dollar Man doll), Kiss
5th row: Pinocchio, Jungle Book, Woody Woodpecker, Barbarino (from Welcome Back Kotter), Howdy Doody, Real West.

Best viewed large so you can see Sally Field’s autograph on “Flying Nun” …

7 Responses to “Lunchbox collection”

    • ropo

      I have about 350. Some have their bottles, maybe a fourth of them. I’m about to sell off about 2/3 of my collection and only keep the ones I really love. But it’s hard ’cause I love them ALL. :-) I will post more photos as I go.

  1. BRBill

    There used to be a place on Decatur Street in New Orleans called Record Ron’s. Ron had a fantastic collection of lunch boxes in the store, his personal collection. There was also a sign stating “don’t even ask” as none of them were for sale. I have no idea what happened to the collection after he died. That sure was a fun place to hang out.