5 Responses to “Free Cat”

  1. windupkitty

    hahahahahahaha!!! They are sooooo cute!!! The first time my great grandmother (fresh off the boat) saw one, she freaked the hell out…She thought it was a giant rat and was ready to leave the country that night.

    A family of them used to live right outside my window (years ago in a different place). There was a fence that left only about 8 inches of room so the mama wedged herself in there and built a nest. When the babies were born, I’d leave her apples and bread crusts etc so she could rest and eat. She had two, one of which was very bold. I named him Daniel (aka danny boy) and in the morning he’d come over to the window, raise his little paw and scratch until I gave him some scraps. His mama didn’t like that though. She hissed quite a bit and they eventually moved out.

    • Allee Willis

      I had one that slipped thru a small opening in a vase and then was stuck in the wide part at the bottom. I though I was going to have a heart attack as I didn’t know how to get him out and all I could see was his snout and little beady eyes. Thank God he was somehow out of there by morning.

  2. BRBill

    Under my bathroom in the raised house i live in has been the ancestral home for more than a few generations of possums. They’ve been born there, they’ve died there(stinking up the place for a week), they’ve snored thru repeated beatings on the floor, their fleas have invaded the house in the middle of the winter. No friends, possums are not my buddies as much as they think they are. One Friday evening i inadvertantly left a live trap(see above phot) armed only to return from work to find it sprung with a possum in it. We took a 10pm ride over the river into West Baton Rouge parish along the interstate service road for an introduction to rural living for the offender. Mr. Possum isn’t as bright as his buddy Mr. Racoon i had previously trapped. Instead of literally flying out the trap as Rocky Racoon did, Petey Possum just sits in the cage on the opposite end of the opened one. Now picture me standing in the middle of the service road at 10pm trying to shake a possum out of a trap as he clings on, not a pretty sight(and the audio was not nice either). I finally get him out, he drops down on the pavement andslowly!!! saunters down the center strip, going “i’m cool, yeah me”. It’s a very good thing i was not wearing my boots as all i could see was a goalpost and three points with him as the football……and when i eventually get home, what do i see? another possums sauntering across the street up my driveway!