Jam ‘N Jelly Is Completed

Submitted by Nessa September 14th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

You might remember I had a base to the Pixieware Jam’n Jelly, but no lid.  Well, I happened to be at a flea market booth staffed by a little old man.. he had a complete Jam’n Jelly and I promptly bought it!

The spoon had been plastered… literally.. back to gether with some sort of goop, so the man sold it to me for a very reasonable price.  Of course, I was overjoyed!  Another piece of Pixieware for my collection!

So now I have two bases and one lid.

7 Responses to “Jam ‘N Jelly Is Completed”

    • Nessa

      Thank you! The photos don’t really show the spoon very well, but it’s covered in something that looks like plaster bandages covered with white paint. Really weird. I am still so happy to have it though. :)

    • Nessa

      I am definitely shocked that I have found this many pieces. I became obsessed with the stuff when I was still in high school and spent years looking for it, and never even found one piece! Then, for many years, when I did see it, which I almost never did, it was only Ketchup and Mustard and always WAY WAY WAY overpriced. I didn’t think I would ever own even one piece, so it is insane to me that I have managed to find this many pieces in such a short time.