Carlton Ware

Submitted by shirlie williams September 24th, 2012
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This is a piece of Carlton Ware , its unlike any other of the pieces I have in my collection of CW , I have been collecting for over 25 yrs and have never paid more than £10 for a piece.   It was based in Stoke On Trent , home of the Potteries . The company is best remembered for its often rather garish tableware, often in the form of highly decorated leaves or fruit, which my collection mainly comprises of. I found this little gem in a charity shop for just a £1.

As the loft clearing progresses I will post pictures of my collection…actually it very exciting finding items I have not seen for a few years, Items that Karl classes as rubbish !!

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  1. shirlie williams

    Im not sure on the date Allee, its quite difficult to find info , I am still searching for dates to certain Items , it has a very eclectic range of styles, I will photograph them according to style .