Kooky Kitsch Kollector Klear Out part 6

Submitted by windupkitty October 22nd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

A velvet painting of Donald Duck. Not a nude. Not Jesus or Elvis. Donald Duck. And in the corner, the only signature is Luv Me. It’s a desperate, pandering Donald Duck. I hear ya, my brother. Good for you for owning up to your sad despair and neediness. Perhaps someday I will be confident enough to follow in your footsteps.

This is a birthday present for my little sister. We didn’t have much and her favorite toy was this plastic Donald Duck bank. She never put that thing down. I still remember holding her up while she would try to roller skate up the sidewalk clutching that thing, while wearing a giant bike helmet. You can’t be too careful.

3 Responses to “Kooky Kitsch Kollector Klear Out part 6”

  1. hoarderrehabseller

    Thanks for chuckle and the story! What a perfect birthday gift for your sister. I hope you submit your sister’s plastic Donald Duck bank with a pic of her wearing the bike helmet.

  2. windupkitty

    I think she might murder if I submit photos of her….But yeah, it was funny sight! It was around the time when bike helmets were first coming out, so it basically looked like a chopped up motorcycle helmet and certainly not child sized! The skates were a thousand sizes too big too, I’m guessing they were meant for me, but she loved them…