My $10 Eames Chair

Submitted by Nessa October 22nd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Currently residing in my basement is this honest-to-goodness Eames chair… painted purple.  It’s a long story, but I found this out at the flea markets.  The woman said she had painted it purple because it “wasn’t selling” in its original color, which she told me was “grayish.”  The tag is on there, she didn’t paint over it,  it’s the real thing.  Just in purple.

I was ready to fork over the marked $25 for it, but she said “No, you are a regular, I will give it to you for $12. ”  Before I objected or said anything about it, she said “No actually, since I see you every Sunday, you can have it for $10.”  So, that is how I got an Eames chair for $10.  The pillow came with it.

To be honest, I love purple.  And she did a really good job of painting it, it looks great.  So, I’m not upset that it’s painted.  But… still… WHYYYYY!??!!  I’ll decide if I want to take off the paint or not… right now I’m leaning towards no.

Sorry about the mess in the background!!  This chair doesn’t have a proper home yet.  Do you like my astroturf basement floor? :P

4 Responses to “My $10 Eames Chair”

  1. Allee Willis

    Painted or not, it’s a steal. Of course, I’m partial to purple for obvious reasons! Though seems nuts for someone who was aware enough to not paint over the tag to go ahead and dump paint on it. But it does look like it’s a perfect paint job and $10 is an insane price to get an actual Eames chair for. So you got the big score!!

  2. hoarderrehabseller

    Grandiose score and in purple! It might be a one of a kind Eames in that color! Leave it purple! I love purple and am hoping it will come back in style!

  3. windupkitty

    HOly all crap everywhere!!!!! Find (and PRICE!) of the century!!!!!! Of course, it found the perfect home! WOW. INcredible story!!!!