HoarderRehab’s Hi Cat Fashion starring Kitty Kat Kitsch

Submitted by hoarderrehabseller November 26th, 2012
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Just when I thought my High Cat Fashion Cat was a loss at my shop, and I was the only one finding it amusing, windupkitty found it funny and submitted it here.


Thank you windupkitty!  Thank you Allee!  Here’s an update of HoarderRehab seller on etsy starring Kitty Kat Kistch and her hoard of jackets and coats:

Kitty Kat Kitsch Goes Chinese Minx

Kitty Kat Kitsch goes Masonic

Kitty Kat Kitsch goes Woodland

I found these jackets and coats all around the same time in the 90’s and of course have a hoard lot more!

Thank you Allee, this is a great outlet for my HoarderRehab therapy!  And for encouraging my techless soul- I’ve learned to post pics without help!

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