16 Responses to “Camper Van Tent”

  1. Allee Willis

    I saw a tiny photo of this a while ago and thought it was cute but seeing it from all these angles I understand how completely brilliant it is. Absolutely no question I want one of these!! I’ve never gone camping in my life but I am ready to hit the road if I can find one of these puppies.

    There is no question that this tent would make the ultimate companion piece to this van: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2012/03/18/i-thought-they-were-solar-panels/

  2. Mark Milligan


    I AM BLOWING THE MERCURY OFF OF MY Sphygmomanometer. Okay can you tell I had to copy and paste that word?

    Anyway I love this thing, and just had such a brain storm that I’m kvetching, swooning, pooping my pants, and doing all (seriously Shirlie no shit) doing all the things so many people say here about things they love because guess what we could do here in the states with this idea:

    Smart Car: Just big enough for two to sleep. I may not be talking people her folks.
    Mini: Two and a Golden Retriever
    Prius: Two and a Vegan weekend feast
    Subaru Wagon: Anyone from Colorado
    Volvo wagon: Two middle aged people from Boulder and two very large dogs.
    1960’s Chevy pickup: Two cowboys without a gunrack.
    Checker: What happens in the Checker stays in the Checker, hey, it’s a cab.
    Land Rover: People with their mechanic and plastic surgeon on speed dial.
    Winnebago: Mortie the Mobil Bar Mitzvah Clown.
    Greyhound Bus: Kitschy Weddings at Truck Stops.

    Who’s in?

  3. Mark Milligan

    There are those a little twisted that might want to pitch a miniature Hindenburg tent. God knows as many times as I’ve gone down in flames in bed it would signify just another camping trip for me.

    So now that we’ve broken the chains of just having car tents, the possibilities really are endless, I’m thinking of all the shapes hot air balloons take, only one pitches these, and camps in them! Guitars, pianos, what looks like two wooden chairs turned over with a blanket over them (like we did when we were kids) but is really just a tent shaped like that, they’re endless I tell ya. A typewriter, a sailing ship, a lawnmower, a sleeper sofa. Then we could move on to busts, or head statues. Of famous people, or ourselves. Churchill, Julia Childs, or Captain Kangaroo. Hmmm. This is going somewhere now. An Iron Lung. Shirlie something about your posts make my mind start to whirrrrr. Cheers!

    • windupkitty

      Mark you are hilarious and wonderful. I publicly announce that I adore you! Hahahahaha…I truly want a tent that looks like 2 chairs and a blanket…or upended couch cushions and a blanket..YOu are a genius….An iron lung…..my face hurst from laughing…

  4. shirlie williams

    Mark your killing me , your just hysterical, I shall make it my quest to hunt out some unusual tents for our perusal.