Buddy and the Cone Of Shame

Submitted by BRBill December 27th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Hello AWMOK people, my name is Buddy, aren’t i a good lookin kitteh. I live in downtown Baton Rouge with my staff person Terri. Even though i am 11 years old and have been “fixed” since i was very small, i don’t seem to have learned the “lesson” that my staff person and my buddy Bill talk about. I’m not sure what that lesson is other than maybe that i should not go out and get into fights, but hey, i’m a tomcat and must defend my territory. This is not my first offense, i have had ears partially chewed off, many trips to the vet, etc. My buddy Bill seems to think i get in fights with those huge 25-30 pound raccoons that live in the storm drains in front of the Old Governors Mansion right over on North Boulevard, my staff person is not sure and i’m not telling…The last time i went outside the porch 5 or 6 weeks ago, i went MIA for 3 days but did return home with a large chuck ripped out of the left side of my beautiful face. My staff person was not happy as she had to bring me to the evil vet  more than a few times for antiboiotic shots which i do not like. And there was the deal about $85 for each shot which she was really not happy about since i’ve gotten at least three. Since i kept scratching at the wound, i now have to wear The Cone Of Shame. Last Sunday, my buddy Bill came by to bring my staff person something he called organic citrus from out in the country north of somewhere called Breaux Bridge. He brought his camera and asked if he could take my picture which i gladly obliged. He was laughing the whole time, he said he was laughing with me, not at me, but i have my doubts…..My staff person thinks i’m becoming an inside cat now since i use the litter box in the bathroom and here on my porch annex, ahahahaha i’m gonna bust a move if i can ever get the bricks out of my cat porch door…until i fully heal, i must wear the Cone Of Shame………………

2 Responses to “Buddy and the Cone Of Shame”

  1. Allee Willis

    Buddy, your cone looks like a halo and you look beautiful in it. Though I know it’s a pain in the kitty ass to wear. Please learn to stay away from raccoons or you will be wearing your beautiful halo more often that you would like, which is never. I would consider being an indoor cat if I was you so you can be nice and fat and comfortable. Although you might not get to wear as nice a fashion accessory as you have now.