Ol Porky the Paper Eater from Angela Park in Pennsylvania

Submitted by denny February 25th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

The most amazing trash receptacles I have ever seen.  I think this came from “Angela Park” in Pennsylvania.  Look at those eyes and the size of his mouth!  Here’s a little clip from Angela Park.


4 Responses to “Ol Porky the Paper Eater from Angela Park in Pennsylvania”

  1. jzarbaugh

    Denny- where did you get this photo? It is amazing and creepy all at once!

    I have a slight obsession with Porky the Paper Eater and his other paper eater friends. I’m pretty sure I will own one some day. However, photos like this one make me wonder if it might be more pleasant to have Leo the Paper Eater in my back yard! I have other photos, but I’m not sure if this wonderful website encourages several photos of the same type of oddity.

  2. denny

    Hi JZarbaugh……are you new to AWMOK? If so, a big hello!

    I research my butt off and am constantly on the computer skulking around for kitsch, both scary and wonderful. I will admit, there is a scary edge to Porky here but we love him! This post was a result of nabbing some random images…..

    If you HAVE ANY more trash receptacle pictures that resemble animals, YOU MUST POST them immediately! POST PORKY’S FRIENDS!

    Anyway, welcome to AWMOK and enjoy the ride!