4 Responses to “Esquire Socks Ad”

  1. Allee Willis

    Pretty classic! Truth is, in those days these socks WERE pretty revolutionary. Until right around then, socks were solid black, white or brown only.

    When I was a young copywriter at Columbia Records in 1972 my art director partner strated Hot Sox, which was the first ever comapnay to do wild color, patterned and multi-toed socks. It coincided with when I did my first and only LP, Childstar, so I got to wear these crazy socks, which helped define my look and style and got me off to a very distinctive and never-ending fashion start. So I’ve always been very conscious of sock trends.

    • BeeJay

      I always love to see your extraordinary socks, Allee, as I´m a sock-enthusiast too. I think generally they are a very underestimated part of fashion. Whenever I have nothing else in work I´m knitting colorful patterned socks and knee highs from the yarn leftovers, which come pretty handy for this purpose.