Exotica Suite with Burlap

Submitted by Dacid March 13th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

Exoctica Suite LP Martin Denny/Si Zentner 1964

I submit this not because it’s a great album (although it is), but for the swatch of actual burlap that comes attached to it. I guess this is to add to the tiki  motif, either way it’s a piece of burlap -awesome.

4 Responses to “Exotica Suite with Burlap”

  1. Allee Willis

    As familiar as I am with Martin Denny I can’t believe I never saw this LP before let alone never heard of the legend of burlap!! This is SO up my alley or Allee I should say. I am about attachments and little perks like this. BRILLIANT. Who cares what the music sounds like, though as Denny it has to be of some merit. Go Burlap!!

  2. shelleyduvall2

    THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Why wouldn’t you add burlap? It was an obvious choice. Extremely tiki tactile.

  3. windupkitty

    HOly cow, I”m 99% sure I have this record, but I don’t remember there being burlap!!! What a treasure…SO,SO jealous!!!!!!