12 Responses to “Dirndl Schatz Ltd.”

  1. Allee Willis

    if only THEY had been my next door neighbors growing up, it would’ve added a little twist to Motown.

    Is this a top to bottom clothing and jewelry catalog for the entire family? I wonder of they were the crafters?

    • BeeJay

      From what I take out of this add I think they sold selfmade jewelry, but the clothes came from germany and austria. The stuff looks familiar to me!

  2. fromsomerobin

    The young guy rockin’ the lederhosen! The Dirndl Shatz was in Waterloo, Ontario. The jewelry and mugs, and the materials were brought in from Europe, and the dirndls were sewn by hand in the back of the shop. Only way to rock Oktoberfest is in a dirndl !!!

  3. fromsomerobin

    How the heck did you ever get this picture in Bavaria ?!?!?! From Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to Bavaria … now that’s a story ;0)

  4. Corina Dennis

    OMG! That is me – the one with the pig tails and knee socks! I was so embarrassed when my Grade 7 home economics teacher hung this picture up in our classroom. Now it’s on the internet!!!

    • Allee Willis

      We LOVE this cover. And I LOVE that it’s you!! So glad you found us and vice versa! BeeJay, thanks for having the great kitsch taste to post this in the first place.