5 Responses to “Tom Jones “A-TOM-IC””

    • Celiene

      LOL – probably not! He is STILL a babe – but I think his pants are looser now. He was on The View the other day. (May 2013)

  1. denny

    DISAPPOINTMENT. Four of us purchased tickets to see Tom Jones in Philly. I screwed up and thought I had off from work. As it turns out, I am really glad I went to work instead. While he still sounds good, I am not interested in the last two albums that Mr. Jones put out. Too twangy, bordering on religious sounding tunes. The venue was also STANDING ROOM ONLY. My sister, partner and buddy Harold went on without me, thank god. I would have had a complete fit. I’ve been to a standing room only concert and it was the worst experience. Never again. People were walking out of the concert in disgust because of the intense heat with people everywhere crammed like sardines left open on the counter on a hot summer day…..a live concert and body odor, not my thing . THEN, GET THIS, the only song he sang from past hits was “The Green Green Grass of Home”……I get mad as hops just thinking about it, can you imagine if I actually attended the show? The tickets were $63.00 each! I;m done. Goodnight.