More movie theaters from Michigan….

Submitted by denny March 25th, 2013
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Dr.This is an old color picture from the Algiers, I believe this was a drive-in.  Loving the palm tree on the sign as if they have palm trees in Michigan?  Do they?

The Town theater.

It’s the Rouge Theater but what really fascinates me here is “Vicks Bar” sign and the wall mural for Brown Derby Beer.

Black and white shot of the Michigan Theater.  I wonder if Holly’s Restaurant had good burgers and fries?

Here is the Glen Arah Theater.

2 Responses to “More movie theaters from Michigan….”

  1. Allee Willis

    No one loves a good drive-in theater more than me. I wish they were still around today.

    All of these theaters were gorgeous, complete palaces. Although my favorite one here is the tiny Glen Arah Theater.

    I’m pretty sure I remember the Algiers.

  2. k2dtw

    Love this post!!!.. I remember the Algiers Drive-In, it was in Westland, Mi across from the Westland Mall, the same mall in the earlier postcard post.
    I’m knocked out by the Glen Arah Theater too, the Detroit area, and so many cities in America, had wonderful little neighborhood theaters. The Glen Arah was in White Cloud?..a small town way west, on the way to Lake Michigan???