Submitted by denny May 9th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

I purchased this at a friends garage sale for mere pennies, 50 cents to be exact.  I grew up with the woman that held this garage sale and knew her mother very well.  This belonged to her mother Pearl.  No rust anywhere on this one!

9 Responses to “Another ATOMIC FLOUR SIFTER!”

  1. denny

    Love you AW, but I don’t think you will baking anytime soon.

    I always wished I could bake. Although I can make you my “doodle drop” cookies when I come out.

  2. denny

    Doodle Bop cookies are made with Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe/mix. You can leave the chocolate chips in or not include them at all…….What I do in place of the chocolate chips is mix in colored sprinkles, make your cookie lump, roll it in coconut and bake. Then I take a dollop of icing made with cream cheese and plop it on top of the baked cookie. BAM! Then you have little Doodle Bops, like mini cookie cakes. I will bake them for you the next time I am at Willis Wonderland.

  3. BRBill

    Leave out da coconut, leave in the chocolate drops, bake, send as a Care package any time you’re ready, i’ll be waiting with baited antici-pation….mmm, cookies….very few are the cookies, cakes, or pies that i’ve met that i didn’t like….must be near supper time…