6 Responses to “Hey kids, IT’S THE “LISTENETTE”!”

  1. denny

    I know, it kills me! It’s a stethoscope! I know what you mean about the name, if I had my way, everything word/thing would have “ette” on the end of it.

  2. windupkitty

    way cool…i miss telephone pranks…now with cells phones, everyone always knows what’s happening during a call….my best friend in NY used to call me up and ask me how i’m doing and then very quietly hang up as i started taking….used to slay me completely…we used to torture each other..i miss those days…now dropped calls aren’t funny at all!

      • windupkitty

        haha! I can still get my father by calling up and pretending to be his Mom. It’s a mind game at this point…he is never sure anymore and doesn’t want to make a mistake, so there will be this silent pause on the other end of the line for several seconds….almost impossible for me to keep it together….funnier though, when he phones me and pretends to be her!