9 Responses to “Glitter Horse Kansas City”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love love love and I don’t even like art featuring horses. And a stroke of kitsch genius featuring the glitter horse, who almost looks like he’s wearing high heels with those little bursts of white at the bottom of his legs, against that gold painted brick wall. And next to that striped wall it’s even more gorgeous.

    When you say ‘Kansas City Missouri Bathroom’, was this in someone’s house or in a public place? Wherever it is I hope to make a little ‘deposit’ there one day.

    I definitely like your eye. I hope to see more of your excellent documentation here at AWMOK. Welcome aboard!

  2. Celiene

    I love the gold Pegasus clock, too! Cute pic of the photographer in the mirror!

    Where was this? In a restaurant?