OMG OMG OMG, the best picture of a child with an adult hair-do!!!

Submitted by denny May 25th, 2013
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This is the most unbelievable kiddie picture ever!  I’ve never known any parent to give their child an adult hair-do.  It’s clearly a 5 year old girl with a beehive.  This is stunning.  What is that big, puffy princess doll thing in the background?  I wonder what it’s hiding?

8 Responses to “OMG OMG OMG, the best picture of a child with an adult hair-do!!!”

  1. Celiene

    I think you could stuff your pyjamas in those! I love everything about this pic! The cat, the press board wall hangings. Her hair – the look on her face! (She must have been a VERY well-behaved patient girl for that ‘do to become the perfection it is!) AND – she has a (gasp) CANOPY BED! And – and – it’s French Provincial!! My true heart’s desire!

    I’d love to know who she grew up to be. And if she’s still rocking that ‘do. I had a friend who’s mother NEVER gave up her Beehive until she died in the late 1980’s.

    • denny

      I used to be obsessed with canopy beds when I was wee lad. Pink canopy bed, pink sheets, pink walls. Yes, I would think this little lady loved pink.

  2. suzette

    This picture KILLS me. When I was 9, I used to get terrible tangles in the back of my hair. I was taken by my mother to her salon and given the EXACT same hairstyle! I was overweight, had 3 normal siblings, all with normal kid hair. THEN, for further torture, we went shopping at the Topanga Plaza, where I was gawked at by EVERYONE of every age! This was in 1968, when long, straight hair was the norm. It was SO traumatic, and years before I found drugs!!!
    I hope this child is sitting in a meeting right now, and not judging a child beauty pageant!