6 Responses to “Partridge Family Doll”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have a lot of Partridge Family stuff, most of it signed by David Cassidy when we were writing together in the early 90s. But I don’t have this doll or any other Partridge Family dolls.

    The giganticness of that Morticia looking ghostly face on the doll makes her look more ghoulish than Partridge. The size of her head compared to the feet makes me think that these dolls were compiled from leftover doll parts from a zillion other dolls. Love the little cuffs on her bellbottoms though.

    • Bembacolora

      I have a bunch of old celebrity dolls from Liz Taylor to Frank Sinatra to Liberace to Grace Kelly, Captain & Tennille (autographed), Bette Midler, Sonny & Cher, Lucy & Desi, the Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz (my fave of all of them…can’t get kitschier than some of her get-ups) and more. I’ll take pics & send your way soon.

  2. BRBill

    I watched the Partridge Family, mainly for Laurie, ahahah….it is a weird lookin doll though. And i’m sure y’all know the Partridge family was a takeoff on the real musical family of that era, the Cowsills. Susan and her husband Russ are still active in the New Orleans music scene.