George Update! Fresh Paint!

Submitted by StoryTroy June 11th, 2013
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The beautiful George-Washington-on-a-camel that’s been seen here in the AWMOK has just been freshly repainted by the Yambor family… and I must say, he looks positively smashing!

The Brandon, Florida landmark sculpture still remains at his post over the city’s main drag, accompanied by his pink elephant friend, also sporting an unpachadermly but poppin’ pink that would terrify anyone with a hangover into chucking the bottle for good.

In closing, here’s George inserted into the opening sequence of ENTOURAGE for no reason:

4 Responses to “George Update! Fresh Paint!”

  1. Celiene

    Why am I craving Pepto Bismol? I love giant lawn sculptures and roadside attractions. There is a place in Half Moon Bay that makes almost life-sized dinosaurs out of metal for your yard! I’ll post a pic.

    Did the people who have these make them? Are they fiberglass or cement?