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It’s Time You All Knew…

Submitted by windupkitty August 29th, 2013
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20 years ago, I had a son but I didn’t feel ready to care for him, so he got recycled. This is what happens when you stay up waaaaaaaaay too late while working with extremely funny people on animation projects. It’s super stupid but boy did we laugh a lot!

5 Responses to “It’s Time You All Knew…”

  1. windupkitty

    Isn’t he beautiful!?! I was always a sucker for big brown eyes! And a baby with a six pack is pretty impressive, though I’ve never been a sucker for those…Jeeeezus. this was truly taken 20 or more years ago, i think! Crap, I had a good time working with those folks…

    Not sure what the hell the wedding ring was about!?!? Can’t remember!!! Maybe i borrowed it to set up the shot?! I guarantee there has never been a living thing that has been nutty enough to want to marry me…

    though full disclosure: I did propose to Casper awhile ago and he accepted (probably because he didn’t know what I was saying and wanted his dinner). I’m making him a cheep felt (but you knew that) powder blue sailor suit for the festivities…Since he only has one ear, he will wear his sailor hat on the side to offset his toothless, cross eyed mess of a face…It will be jaunty. I’d like it to be a wedding with my closest loved ones, but i’m pretty sure he would just hide under the couch…

    • shirlie williams

      You do make me look fabulous as always, and Casper the most gorgeous boy, the soot covered Casper is still my favourite cat picture ever…but don’t let Princess Bobo know ! She gets very tetchy …

      • windupkitty

        Hahah…yeah, Casper has given up on fire place explorations which i am very happy about given the mess he would make! He’s the best cat…I’ve never had a cat that actually plays papa to foster kittens. He especially loves the sickly or runty ones…He was a former street fighter who showed up here mostly dead and I swear he has a sense for helping the distressed fosters who come through here..It’s remarkable to watch..He is my soulmate! Luckily I believe in multiple soulmates though so I think I will have his blessing if I ever find a human one…Meanwhile, I wouldn’t hold him back either…isn’t that what love is about!?! or maybe I can say that because I”m over confident that he’ll stay with me since he’s neutered…

        Princess BoBO is the best cat name ever!!!!!