http://www.jhu.edu/jhumag/1106web/betty.html Dan Dubelman wrote his first song when he was 4 years old. "Walkin' Through the Woods" went like this: Walkin' through the woods Walkin' through the woods Told you what I could Told you what I could One day you come up to me Ask me what I want to be, and I say — Walkin' through the woods Walkin' through the woods Nobody's counted how many songs he has written in the 37 years since. A 1988 graduate of the Writing Seminars master's program in fiction, Dubelman got hold of an electric guitar when he was 13 and has never let go. He has produced five recordings, won admirers among musicians and producers, and struggled to earn a living wage. You've probably never heard of him. The band operates on the fringes, which in many ways suits Dubelman... provocative, idiosyncratic, feisty about (his) independence, and creatively restless. Those qualities once defined rock 'n' roll musicians. Kevin Eggers, a longtime producer and the founder of Tomato Records, says, "Pure kinds of characters, you know? Musical spirits like you don't get to see often these days."


The Crackerjack Kid

I am Dr Dan, Dan Dubelman, and also The Crackerjack Kid. I was a child-whore selling candy to other kids for The Man. I have already exceede...