I love flea markets, 50's Stereo photography, vintage cars, collecting other peoples old photos & slides and architecture. I collect just about everything you can imagine: match books, ladies compacts, stuff from the World's Fairs, 45's, Paint By Numbers, everything that has to do with Bowling, Motel stuff, just about everything from 50's Cuba, paper ephemera, aprons and table cloths from different states, soda pop bottles, tin signs, salt and pepper shakers, bottle caps, Tiki mugs, Tiki menus, Bakelite, 78's, things from Clifton's, old appliances, typewriters, signage, plastic flamingos, film cameras, cocktail and smoking accessories, bowling balls, Chalkware lamps, prison rings, elevator signs, neon clocks, postcards, race car trophies, dancing trophies, bowling trophies, dance cards, tin toys, rattan, Starburt, Fiestaware, Weil Ware, PEZ (I should really stop now).