Ester Goldberg

The International Glamour Puss of All media...Ester Goldberg has had a long, fabulous life. In addition to being a widow, a star of radio, cabaret, and Nightclubs, she has also been a make-up artiste, gossip columnist, counselor to young teens, and gifted music maven and chanteuse. It is not hard to imagine why she is widely considered to be one of the world’s newest (and oldest) influential Diva’s. Ester Goldberg’s Life is a People magazine cover story. Her story is a true rags to riches scenario, a real Jewish American Princess Fairytale (or Jewish American Fossil?)



MY CLACKERS!!!! I had some bruises on my Wrists in the early 70’s when these came out…I still have a package of of un-used Clack...