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Magnavox Remote

StoryTroy Submitted by StoryTroy
August 19th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

There are things that are manly and there are things that are manly. Cigar bars. Saunas at Gentlemen’s Clubs. Old-school steakhouses with dark wood paneling and eighty year old waiters.

Then there’s this beefy block of black and silver plastic with mushy rocker switches for On/Off, UHF, VHF, Color and Volume that might as well have come off the nightstand in Hefner’s bedroom.

Haven’t come up with a date on this Magnavox remote yet, but take a gander.

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6 Responses to “Magnavox Remote”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    Gorgeous, As is your whole collection. I’m going to guess early 1960′s on the date. Now you need to buy all the TVs that match your remotes…

  2. StoryTroy StoryTroy says:

    Saving the tv collecting for some far-off date when I’m in a house out here instead of a big fat studio apartment.

  3. k2dtw k2dtw says:

    I LOVE these…anothe great one..

  4. Lisa Rios Lisa Rios says:

    Manly, yes. But, the ladies love them too.

  5. kkxx says:

    This remote is for a 1973 Magnavox Videomatic TV. I really need one for my Magnavox console stereo TV combo unit. I would like to purchase your remote, just name a price. My email is

  6. StoryTroy StoryTroy says:

    I’m planning to hang on to this one, but this particular remote comes up pretty frequently on Ebay. I’ll email you the next time I spot one!

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