Submitted by k2dtw August 19th, 2010
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Found Up-North in Petoskey, Mi… I have never seen this great kitschy wood scrapbook…for “Recipes”…

The cover on this scrapbook says, “My Recipes from Prudence Penny”.. The script and the little chef image look like they have been carved from thin wood veneers? I’m guessing The Prudence Penny Recipe Scrapbook was a promotional piece??.. The original owner saved and taped some recipes, and hand-wrote many of her other favorite recipes directly on the scrapbook pages…
I did a Google search and found scattered information.. During the 1930’s-1940’s, Miss Prudence Penny was a food writer for the NY Times (some say fictional) and a home economist, who had her own west coast radio show from her home for 20 years!.. Her very popular column was syndicated across the US, (I don’t think the midwest??).. The many Prudence Penny Cookbooks were sold from the local newspapers that ran her column… Sounds very Barbara Stanwyck “Christmas In Connecticut”….
I love vintage wood cover “Photo” Scrapbooks that have great themes for your “snap shots” from Miami, Our Vacation, Western / Cowboy, and Honeymoon … when did they stop calling them snap shots???…smile

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  1. Allee Willis

    I’m dying over this! Did you buy it? How could I have never heard of Prudence Penny with such a fantastic name?

    The book itself is gorgeous. Do you know if it’s all recipes from Prudence’s column or just the owners’ favorites regardless of where they came from?

    Is the text printed on the cover or is it raised? It looks like the text is made of metal.

  2. k2dtw

    Thought about it all night…couldn’t stand it…went back the next day and bought it…
    I guess I can’t tell where the ones she found and hand wrote came from??.. The ones she saved and taped were mostly from the back of canned goods…
    The scrapbook cover is really cool… The letters and the image are all raised, and they are all different shades of wood. The work table is darker than the little chef. They must be from sheets of wood veneer that would of what??…been rolled out and stamped or cut with a press?? The font is great…and the fine detailed lines on the chef that are around her neck, arm and apron, are cut all the way thru the veneer. So someone hand to handle it carefully to glue it all in place on the cover??..
    Maybe the wood scrapbook covers are basement art from the pages of a 1940’s Popular Science craft magazine…does anyone know???