The “Trek-arella” chairs by Chromcraft

Submitted by Marquisdupre September 15th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

These chairs are fit for both James T Kirk AND Barbarella! I got the set of 4 chairs and the table for a steal! My friend has the table to go along with some other Chromcraft chairs she has. The vinyl makes me think of a wig carry case or beauty salon chairs. Just a shampoo set today? Or do you need a big bouffant? I think you know the answer. I remember seeing one on the original Star Trek set, does anyone know the episode???

Here is the original ad from a 1966 McCalls magazine:


8 Responses to “The “Trek-arella” chairs by Chromcraft”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have one of these chairs in green vinyl. To see a set of four, in excellent shape no less and in that kooky late 60’s vinyl pattern, is truly breathtaking! And how incredible that you also have the ad. Of course, anything named to Sculpta with the tagline “go for a romantic Chromantic 66 ( and 67, 68…)” catapults straight up the ladder of Kitsch.

    I’m noticing many other things in your photo that you should submit to the Museum. The linoleum with the feature stripe made even better with that patch of shag carpeting on top of it and the glass bottles against the wall for a start.

  2. cathibright

    The episode is “The Trouble with Tribbles”. I have a dining set with black chairs and a woodgrain formica top. Love the pattern on this set though!

  3. valmomma2

    I loved finding the Sculpta chairs in your Museum of Kitch!! My father, Robert Wilson, is the man who designed these chairs while working for Chromcraft in Senatobia, MS, in the 60s. I would love to own one, too, someday. I grew up surrounded by the industrial, post-modern look of Chromcraft furniture, and I’m very sentimental about this particular style. LOVE IT! Thanks for the memories! Valerie W.

    • Allee Willis

      Wow, your dad! That Sculpta chair is SO famous. All Chromcraft chairs are killers! If you have any photos of your house growing up with any of the furniture in them would love to see you post that here at AWMOK. Please thank your dad for his most excellent work!

  4. gypsyhp

    I just bought the entire set off Craigs List !!! It has funk to the max, and I’ve scrubbed them down twice already and steel wooled the aluminum bases. But it’s the original set of black tufted chairs (4) and the original table. I’m restoring them to go with a dutch modern table I bought, so not sure what to do with the original table. A labor of love!

    • Allee Willis

      Please post pictures of your tables and chairs here. Would love to see the whole set as I’ve never seen the original table. If you’re positive that the table was made specifically for the chairs I would reconsider using it with the dutch modern table as it is so exceptionally rare to see the entire set. But if you’re not 100% sure it was made to go with the chairs originally go ahead with the table you’re using. But would really love to see photos here. Here are instructions for how to upload: