Wolf-like… Thing.

Submitted by Nessa November 13th, 2009

This fox-like ceramic thing was for sale at a church bazaar for a mere 2 cents! I decided he had to come home with me. Unfortunately, somebody knocked him over when I went to pay for him, and broke off his ear. He’s been repaired, and now sits proudly amongst the other ceramic doo-dads.

I’m not sure what his function is, or what sort of creature he’s supposed to be. I like that he has buttons down the front like he is wearing a sweater. (Or a sweater-dress?) His cone-shaped is body hollow, so I have the urge to stick him on the top of my Christmas tree this year. The artist has signed him “D.P.” on the inside. How anyone could part with this artistic treasure, for only 2 cents… I have no idea. Ha!

2 Responses to “Wolf-like… Thing.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, for two cents how can you go wrong? I’m so happy you came along to rescue this creature despite the fact that his ear broke as a result of being rescued.

    What’s that mess going on on top of his head, hair?

    I love how the buttons merge into the nose.

    He looks soooooo handmade. That’s my favorite kind of stuff. The two cone shapes stuck together at the neck makes me think the artist used those old cone shaped paper Dixie cups to assist him in achieving such a stunning body type.

    I say yes to whatever this thing is topping your tree this year!