Love For Sale – Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)

Submitted by Nessa February 7th, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerLove Is In The Hair

Ah, young love. They created one for every taste, I think. I’m not sure where this one came from, it’s just always been in my house. No matter how much you scrub these things, they still look filthy, so I guess they’re supposed to look that way. “Beautiful” in their own way, right? Their eyes are kinda creepy. This one’s dated 1971. They kind of look like the Campbell’s Soup kids.

One Response to “Love For Sale – Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Of your series of three statues here at this one is my favorite. The kids are beyond goofy looking and far too young to be aware of the concept of “It’s Beautiful When We’re Together”. Their cheeks look like they’re stuffed with balloons and their eyes are like little pimentos sticking out of fat olives.

    I hear you about no matter how hard you scrub any of these little hard plastic statuettes they always look filthy. It was a trend back in the day to give these a scruffy and shaded look. That’s another reason why I think they were a little too creepy for me to buy but is exactly one of the components that makes them so kitschably cherished now.