MACHO Mens Cologne $1.29

Submitted by denny March 17th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This lovely picture was taken at some sort of dollar store in Center City Philly, complete with all it’s madness, the products in these stores kill me and this store was no exception. I gave this stuff a wiff and almost went into convulsions. No wonder it’s as cheap as it is!

6 Responses to “MACHO Mens Cologne $1.29”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m elated you bought a new camera as for a product as great as Macho Sport Scent it’s a shame to only have this tiny picture. From here on in I look forward to larger photos for such expansive Kitsch!

    The last thing in the world I want to smell is Macho Sport Scent. I’d sneak into a locker room if I wanted a nose full of sweat.

    I also really love that it’s a single Sport Scent as opposed to Sports Scent. I wonder which individual sport this scent was extracted from? The fact that it’s green and looks like mouthwash doesn’t help.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    i saw this and somehow knew it was yours before i even saw the name, denny! nice find… quite an appropriate st. patrick’s day post as well…i love that the mint green shade of the green “macho” label clashes with the lime colored liquid in somehow just the utmost unpleasant way…

  3. sparkles4u

    Hey There/ yes i would love to purchase some of this cologne. but i really am very interested in purchasing the eleganza ads as i need my seamstress to know how to sew these really kewl 70s fashions. so please let me know/