The Colonial Movie Theater in Phoenixville Pennsylvania (this is where “The Blob” was filmed)

Submitted by denny March 17th, 2010

Old movie houses make me nuts as I think they are the most incredible form of architecture. This is the movie house where they filmed the Steve McQueen movie, “The Blob”. All the years I would pass it and this past weekend was the first time I actually stopped and took pics. They play live music and still show films, new and old! It’s beautiful.

The original box office window:

Outside flooring, original….? Not too sure but I love the black and white combo.

Another shot of the front.

Close up of the marquee.

11 Responses to “The Colonial Movie Theater in Phoenixville Pennsylvania (this is where “The Blob” was filmed)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent shots of the great old classic theater. Thanks for all the photos.

    “The Blob” Was Classic, genre defining, so it’s so great to see that the theater is still preserved.

  2. denny

    Hey K2! Welcome to the Kitschenette. I am a fellow kitsch collector and am amazed that the community of us who are striving to keep this unseen and unheard of kitsch alive and well. Start posting! Being a part of Allee’s Kitschenette is amazing fun, you’ll have a ball.

  3. denny

    Nessa..where do you live? Are you in PA? Rent “The Blob”. The scene that the movie theater appears in is when the “The Blob” escapes into the theater. Then there is this fantastic scene where the doors swing open and all the teenagers come running out in a panic. It’s great fun but what is also incredible about this movie is the opening credits song!